Alloy Bellows to Expand Tubing Capability With New Mill

Cleveland, OH: Nov. 4, 2019. For immediate release

Alloy Bellows and Precision Welding has accepted delivery of critical components for a new tube mill that will expand the company’s thin-walled tubing capability.

The de-coiler has been placed on the shop floor in preparation for connection with additional elements like the infeed and outfeed tables, raft racks and cutoff saw.

The new capital equipment will allow Alloy Bellows to produce tubing in larger diameters and a wider range of wall thicknesses, providing customers with more options for high-quality thin-walled tubing and metal bellows assemblies. The new sizes will benefit customers in all industries Alloy Bellows serves.

Increased capacity from a second tube mill will also shorten lead times for both tubing and metal bellows. 


The de-coiler will be coupled with other mill elements in the coming weeks.


Alloy Bellows’ engineering team has partnered with MAGNET, the northeast Ohio manufacturing advocacy non-profit, to design and build the system.


Once the mill is assembled and cutoff testing is completed, Alloy Bellows will conduct final testing and commissioning by the end of the year.

For more information on Alloy Bellows’ tubing capability, please contact our sales team:

(440) 684-3000

The de-coiler will be coupled with other tube mill elements in the coming weeks.