Alloy Bellows Unveils Next-Generation Artificial-Lift Bellows

Cleveland, OH: July 1, 2019. For immediate release


Alloy Bellows is announcing its latest innovation, ‘NeXtLift’ bellows, our next-generation metal bellows for artificial-lift systems. Our ‘NXL 1.5’ is specifically designed to provide extreme performance in 1.5” gas-lift valves. 

The new ‘NXL 1.5’ Inconel bellows will enable our customers to access their toughest wells. The design has withstood API 19G2 Testing and has been proven in the field with pressures well above the API 19G2 limits.  The NXL bellows has demonstrated superior cycle life performance well beyond industry requirements (20X). 

For more technical details, please read our white paper.

The oil industry continues to access deeper wells ̶ including offshore ̶ and is moving toward larger valves for those depths. The highly corrosive environments and higher temperatures and pressures of the new wells can be a challenge for legacy Monel metal bellows designs.

In response, Alloy Bellows studied materials and optimized a new design that will meet those challenges. We selected Inconel for our new 1.5” gas lift bellows because it offers superior performance at a comparable price.

In addition to improved strength characteristics, the new design is also more temperature- and corrosion-resistant due to the molybdenum content of the material.

Alloy Bellows’ efficient and consistent hydroforming process provides a steady supply of metal bellows to an industry that maintains a high demand for the product. We manufacture a full line of products and assemblies for the artificial lift industry including bellows, metal bellows assemblies, weldments, and precision machined components.   


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