Precision Components & Product Manufacturing

Precision CNC Machining 

Alloy Bellows purchased Star Precision Technologies, LLC, a precision CNC machine shop in 2016. Since then, Star Precision has become fully immersed in Alloy Bellows and allows us to not only create bellows for multiple industries, but make other components and assemblies to compliment our bellows.

Alloy Bellows has state of the art CNC technologies including mills, lathes and new multi-axis CNC machines. With our machining from Star Precision, we are able to have all the benefits of a "one-stop-shop" and create the materials needed for assemblies.

From our precision CNC turning and milling machines, to our Vertical and Horizontal Mills, we provide you with quality parts in an endless range of shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations. We are proud of our increasingly sophisticated line of equipment and controls, all housed in our 50,000-square-foot, climate-controlled manufacturing facility.

Flexible & Versatile Machining Capability

With over 35 state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, we have a broad range of equipment and capacity to apply to both your prototype and production demands. Our 30 lathe and 10 milling machine centers have multi-axis capability, which allow multiple operations with minimal set-ups. We utilize cellular work-centers for effective production of common product families.

Experts in Complex Components

Do you have components with special and unique materials and high precision requirements?  Our team is up to the challenge. We have practical knowledge machining ‘tough’ materials such as Titanium, Monel, Inconel, and Stainless Steel. Our equipment, tooling and fixturing allows us to reliably achieve precision tolerances.  

Precision Machining Capabilities  

Dimensional tolerance as low as +/- 0.0001”

True position within 0.001”

Turning capability: up to 31” diameter x 36” length

Milling capability:  52” (x-axis) x 22” (y-axis) x 24” (z-axis)

We stock your components and assemblies, shipping your parts when you need them.

When you have a need for a critical part or assembly that has never been manufactured, we can help. Working in close partnership with your team, we can use your plans and ideas to move your project right into prototyping. Or, you can have us start from scratch to come up with solutions and initial plans of our own that meet your requirements.

Beyond world-class machining and manufacturing, we offer a number of essential value-added services designed to help you meet virtually any request from your customers. We continually re-invest in our equipment, facilities, software and people in order to help you stay competitive, no matter what your requirements may be.

  • In-House Tool Room Capabilities​​

  • Rapid Response Prototyping Capabilities

  • Long-Term Agreements

  • Vendor-Managed Inventory Stocking Programs

  • Light Assembly

  • Private Labeling and Packaging

  • Kitting and Packaging Options


Quality is floor-driven, supported by CMM and automated optical scanning inspection methods for both accurate and repeatable operations. We set high standards for our quality program which is certified by ISO 9001, AS9100 Rev D. We support all stages of product life cycle from prototype (NPI) through production with quality systems and tools including APQP, FAI, PPAP, and SPC.


Materials that we routinely machine include:

  • Aluminum Alloys

  • Bronze Alloys

  • Carbon Steel Alloys

  • Casting 

  • Copper Alloys

  • Composites

  • Inconel® Alloys​

  • Monel® Alloys

  • Nylon 

  • Plastic 

  • Stainless Steel Alloys

  • 17-4 Ph Stainless 

  • Titanium 

Download CNC Machining Capabilities

5-axis Mill Turn.jpg

5-Axis Mill/Turn

  • Multi-Axis Machines

  • Complex Components

  • Multiple Operations

Vertical Turning Centers

  • Production Lathes

  • Auto-Load Bar Feeders

Production Lathes

  • Live Tooling

  • Quick-Change Tooling

Value-Added Services

  • Product Assembly & Kitting

  • Inventory & Stocking Programs