At Alloy Bellows our products and services open new opportunities for medical test equipment, bellows pumps, reservoirs, and invasive systems. Titanium bellows are commonly used as invasive pumps to dispense medicine. An edge welded bellows can be manufactured as a heat exchanger for blood pumping equipment to reduce the temperature of blood during surgery. 


Our team of design, process, welding, and quality engineers has decades of experience developing bellows and welded solutions to meet your application’s demands.  We’ll work within your design parameters or collaborate with you to provide your optimum bellows solution.  Our design group utilizes 3D CAD, Simulation, and empirical calculations based on the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA) standards as part of the design process.  This enables us to play “what-if” scenarios with the design and shorten the lead time for new product introduction (NPI).  Our project management approach for new product developments provides you with project updates as often as you need.

Sample Applications:

Bellows & Bellows Assemblies can be used in many medical applications. Some of which include:

  • Blood Pumps 

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia Control  

  • Cardiovascular Devices 

  • Cardioverters

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Infusion Pumps 

  • Insulin Dispersion

  • Monitoring Devices 

  • Oxygen Pumps

  • Vacuum Pumps 

  • Valves



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