Alloy Bellows and Precision Welding has earned the trust of leading companies in the Petrochemical industry because we understand that our components must withstand extreme conditions – temperature, pressure, and corrosion.  Our customers operate in remote locations around the world; our products must perform to their standards and delivery high levels of reliability and cycle life.  Our ‘one-stop shop’ capabilities, from tube and bellows manufacture to precision welding to assembly testing, deliver products with superior performance and quality.

Artificial Gas Lift Systems

Alloy Bellows offers high-performance bellows, seals, and complete assemblies designed to withstand the demands of oil and gas drilling.

  • Gas lift bellows for 1.0 inch and 1.5 inch valve sizes

  • Material options include Monel and Inconel

  • Design for extreme Gas Lift Valve performance; higher pressure applications

  • Superior cycle life performance

  • High corrosion and fatigue resistance

  • Testing compliant with industry standards API 19G2

1" and 1.5" gas lift bellows

NeXtLift "NXL-1.5" gas lift bellows

Our latest innovation, the NeXtLift (NXL-1.5) bellows, offers improved performance and a more durable product  ̶  among its many advantages.  Please click here to learn more.

Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) Systems

Alloy Bellows offers welded bellows assemblies, sealing assemblies, and custom solutions capable of the challenges of ESP operating environments


  • Proven reliability and cycle life in ESP applications

  • Capable of extreme operating temperatures

  • Materials and weldments offering corrosion resistance

  • Assembly qualification and test capabilities

ESP system components

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Instruments and Controls

Alloy Bellows offers components and total assemblies for sensors, valves, instrumentation and actuators.

  • Tight tolerance, precision components

  • Predictable and repeatable spring rates and measurements

  • Superior cycle life performance

  • Expertise in thin-wall welding and welded assemblies

  • assembly qualifications and test capabilities 


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